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Charter Air Transport (CAT) has grown over the last 8 years to become one of the largest providers of scheduled service and Public and Private charters making use of regional equipment in the United States.  The company has grown continuously over that time period while maintaining an excellent safety record.  The company continuously strives and maintains best-in-class safety, quality, workforce experience, stability and a solid business plan.

CAT’s executive and operations team has achieved steady, measured growth resulting from the hiring of pilots with higher experience than regional airlines, and load factors and utilization rates of both aircraft and crews that are generally lower than regional airline averages. 

Let us be your number one air service consultant and provider for you every need.

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Corporate Shuttle

Companies often find themselves in the position of needing personnel to travel between two or more locations on a regular basis. Conveniently, you determine the flight schedules...
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Casino Trips

From Atlantic City to Tunica to Vegas, you can bet this is the coolest, most convenient way to get to your favorite casino town...
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Private Charter

Private charter travel has many benefits. Comfort, space, convenience, flexibility and privacy immediately come to mind...
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Sports Charter

We gladly work with you to plan every detail of your team’s flight experience from in-flight entertainment, catering and on-board customized amenities to seamless coordination of customs...
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When your approaching turn 4 in Talladega at 200 miles an hour the last thing you want on your mind is how you and your pit crew will be getting home after the race!  Charter Air Transport with....
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